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Health and tea

Tea has been know for it health benefits for ages

In the Chinese medicine tea has been used as a medicine for ages. Tea has been used as a traditional medicine which has been healing for example stomach ache and depression. Later many of the health benefits of tea have been recognised also in the scientifical research.

Tea has lots of healthy flavonoids

Tea contains various flavonoids which are powerful antioxidants. Antioxidants are giving protection agains free radicals and help our bodies to protect agains pathogens. Antioxidants have various mechanism to protect agains diseases. If the human body is not protected by the antioxides, human cells are vunerable and start to become ill. One of the most important antioxidants  in the green tea is Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) which form 40 % of the weight of dry green tea. Tea is also important source of flavonoids in many counties. 

Tea can decrease cholesterol

Tea has been proven to have positive affect on the cholesterol levels and blood pressure in the reseaches. In one of the research was noticed that drinking five cups of tea during the three weeks decreased the cholesterol levels in the blood. Especially positive results were with the LCD-cholesterol with the people who had already slightly high cholesterol levels. (1)

In the reseach participant were first drinking five portions of green tea during three weeks. The next three weeks they were drinking water which was seasoned to taste like tea. The last three weeks participants were drinking the water with the black tea taste. However this time the water had also same amount of caffein as black tea normally does. During the firts part of the reseach the cholesterol levels of the participants decreased 6 to 10 percent. The other diet of the participants was taken care of the reasearh. This research shows that following low fat and cholesterol diet and drinking black tea can decrease the total cholesterol in the blood. Especially decrease in the "bad" LDL-cholesterol was seen as very positive result.

Drinking tea can decrease the risk of memory disorder

New reaserch shows that drinking tea can decrease the risk of getting memory disorders like dementia and alzheimer. In the research of Singapore university they noticed that regular drinking tea might lower the possibility to get memory disorder. (2)

The research showed that regular drinking of tea decreased the risk of dementia by more than half with the people more than 55 years. Tea drinking had also very positive effects on those who are carrying Alzheimer risk gene ApoE4. Tea drinking decreased their risk of getting Alzheimer by 86 percents. (2)

The reseach did not show differenced between different teasorts. According thte reseach black, green and oolong tea are as good by decreasing the risk of memory disorders. The reseach does not yet show which incredients are protecting the brain by aging and brain decay. It is possible that especially the antioxidants and aminoazids are those incredients which make the positive effects. (2)

How I can get the health benefits of tea?

When making tea it is important not to use boiling water. Too hot water makes tea to taste bad but also by making tea with too hot water destroys the health benefits of tea. When you make your tea in the right temperature you get the health benefits as well as the good taste.

Tea contains caffein so do not drink too much 

Tea contains caffein so one should not drink it too much. For the caffeine sensitive persons tea can cause nervousness, headache, digesting problems, difficulties to sleep etc. Especially children shoul not get too much caffein to avoid negative effects. Caffeine sensitive persons should drink mostly those teas which contain less caffein (black tea and oolong tea). There are also herbal drinks like Rooibos, Honeybush and Hibiscus which are completely caffein free and fit perfect for those who are not too used to caffein.

Tea can be consumed also during the pregnancy. Still, herbal teas should be avoided druing the pregnancy and nursing. (3)


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