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Tea preparation

How to brew good tea:

How to brew tea

  1. Fresh water is the base of good tea. Brew the water (See the brewing time and temperature below)

  2. Measure one tea spoon of tea per one cup of tea. If you like strong tea use full tea spoons. Typically one tea spoon of tea leaves is enough for one cup of tea (200-300 ml).

  3. Pour the hot water on the tea leaves and wait from one to six minutes (brewing time depens of the tea type). You can find our recommendations for the brewing times from our tea packages. Too long brewing makes tea bitter. However too short brewing can also lead to unproper extraction.

  4. Remove the leaves from tea and sweeten the tea is needed.

The brewing time depens on the tea type and the leaf size. Typically the brewing time of green tea is shorter than with other tea types. When brewing black tea the water can be almost boiling (ideal is about 95 degrees of celsius). With the green tea the water should be maximum of 90 degrees of celsius. Typically the recommended temperature is between 70 to 90 degrees of celsius. Tea can be perepared by using differend kind of pods and filters. In the Forsman selection you can find for example teesihdin, modernin teepressopannun tai lasipannun.

*Nowadays there are also electric kettles where you can choose the desired temperature. Those are very useful while heating the water for tea. You can take a look of our teaware selection tästä.

If the tea is bitter take a look at these things:

  1. Too long brewing time
    Tea should not be brewed too long. Tea leaves should also be removed from the dring after the brewing time to avoid tea getting bitter. 

  2. Putting not enough attention toward brewing
    In case you are not consentrating enough on the brewing you migth end up having bitter tea. Common mistake is that the person just removes some of the leaves from the tea. In that case tea might taste good in the beginning but in the end of the cup/pan it is already very bitter since the brewing never really ended completely. 

  3. Using too much leaves for the tea
    In case one uses too much tea leaves per cup the tea becomes too strong which usually means also bitterness. Don't just pour leaves into the cup -you have to measure the right amount to be sure that the tea testes right.

  4. Using difficult tea types
    Some tea types are getting more easily bitter or their natural taste is a bit bitter. Especially when the tea grows high and the soils is lack of nutrients, tea leaves become more harder and a bit woody. For example Darjeeling is typically tart and too long brewing makes it easily bitter.

  5. Keeping tea in the wrong kind of conditions
    Dry tea leaves are easily getting moisture and flavors of the other products. Tea should be kept always away from the moisture and light. It is also important that loose tea leaves are always kept in their own package or in other proper package like tin.

  6. Water
    Fresh and clean water is a base for the tea. You should always use only fresh and clean water for brewing tea.

How to prepare tea when being in a hurry:

We used to think that preparing tea should be always a peaceful moment without no hurry. Even this would be nice there is not always possibility to give tea too much time and we have to prepare and drink our tea fast. Here are some timps for those who are always in a hurry but want to enjoy their tea.

  1. Use green and white tea (typical brewing time 1-2 min)
    If you choose green or white tea, you do not have to brew long time. In many cases you just need one minute to brew your tea. Probably everyone has one minute for the tea evern when being in a hurry. 

  2. Add cold water into the boiled water
    It is not necessary to just wait that the temperature of the water is righ. You can always add some cold water to the boiled water to make it cool slighly. This is a good trick when you are in a hurry but you want to enjoy your tea perfect.

  3. Use teas which do not get bitter too easy
    "This is useful for those who forget their tea into the cup for too long time"
    Some tea types contain more tannines which are making tea to get bitter easily. Usually we think that Chinese and Japanese teas do not get bitter easily while Indian teas often get bitter very easy. In case you tend to forget your tea into the cup you can always try herbal teals which normally do not get bitter even you would brew them for hours. Rooibos, Honeybush ja Mate are excellent alternatives for absent minded tea lovers.

Ideal brewing times and temperatures:

Here are our recommendations for the brewing times and temperatures. However you should keep in mind that there are numberless amout of different teas so the brewing times and temperatures can vary even within green teas etc. In case you are uncertain how to brew your tea you can always ask us some hints. You can find the brewing times and temperatures often also from the tea packages. 

       Temperature    Typical brewing time    Recommended brewing times  
Black tea 90 - 95 °C 3 - 5 min 2 - 3
Green tea  typically 70 - 80 °C  1 - 4 min 1 - 3
White tea 70 - 80 °C  1 - 8 min 1 - 5
Yellow tea 75 °C 3 - 5 min 1 - 3
Oolong tea 90 - 95 °C 1 - 7 min 1 - 5
Puer tea 95  °C 3 - 5 min even 5 time
Rooibos 90 - 100  °C 4 - 10 min brew once
Mate 70 - 90 °C 4 - 6 min brew once
Honeybush 90 - 100  °C 5 - 10 min brew once