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Forsman tea school

Forsman tea School - Learn new things about tea


Pictures from our previous tea testings.

In the Forsman Tea Tasting you get familiar with the different tea cultures. You also get lots of handy knowledge about making tea and get familiar with different tea types. The training is organized in the Forsman Tea Shop and after the training participants have time to make some small shopping (everyone gets 10 percent discount). The lenght of the training is about two to three hours depending sligthly about the daily topic and amount of participants. In case you are interested in taking part of the tea tasting check the options below. In case you are interested about the reviews of the Forsman tea testing you can read more here (in Finnish). 

We offer three kinds of Tea Tastings/trainings:

Option 1: Tea Training 15 €/person

  • During the traning we taste 5 different tea types
  • Minimum amount of participants: 10  

Option 2: Tea Training 20 €/person

  • We taste 5 different teas
  • During the training you will get some small sweets and snacks
  • Minimum amount of participants: 10 

Option 3: Tea Training 30 €/person

  • We taste 5 different teas
  • With tea you get sandwichcake, salad and small sweets
  • The training is organised with minimum of 10 persons


Tea tasting can be customised depending on the interest of the group.

How I book Forsman Tea tasting:

In case you want to book Tea Tasting for your group we require that you have paid the training before the actual tasting is held. Normally tranins cost 150/200/300 € for the ten people group. In case the tasting is organised for the bigger group the payment can be made before the event or in the event. 

Note that we do not return the money in case you are cancelling the event in the very late or if a person cannot take part of the tasting.


Open Tea Testings in the Forsman Tea School:

You can take part of the open tea testing events. The price for such event is 15 €/person. We give information about our open tea tastings in our social media and here.

We can recommend Forsman tea tasting for everyone interested in tea and tea culture. We promise that you will spend interesting two hours with us and you learn many new things about tea and tea cultures. 

In case you are interested about Forsman tea testing, just contact us and we will plan together a perfect tea experience.

Forsman Tea Shop
045 77500 440 (Callin hours Monday 11.00-16.30 Tuesday-Friday 11.00-18.00 Saturday 10.00-15.00)